Are OId People Bad Workers?
Are OId People Bad Workers?

If you are over 50 and unemployed, what are your options for finding a job?

The perception is that people over fifty are approaching the end of their usefulness in the workplace. Few businesses are hiring workers of any age, and even fewer are willing to overlook what is perceived as a shortcoming. Being an older person comes with the stigma of physical weakness and mental failings, and this stigma carries over to employment practices. The advantages of having experienced workers are considered to be less than those of having young workers.

The Older Workforce: America’s Future

With a rough retirement age of sixty-five, a person at fifty still has a decade and half of the work at least. This figure is expected to rise as a result of economic concerns. There will be many who stay in the workforce until they are made to retire. Having many older people in the workplace is inevitable, a part of the American future.

Self-employment is a good idea for older workforce members as it removes the possibility of being classed as an inferior worker due to age. It is not always desirable as many large companies provide such benefits as cheap medical insurance for their employees. Such benefits are an essential consideration for senior citizens. Still, it has to be taken into account. For the older person, running a small business may control working hours and schedules.

Options for Mature Workers

If physical ailments or weakness are an issue, the over-fifty worker may opt for less active jobs. Clerical jobs should be considered. Many temp-services are willing to hire older workers on a contract basis for short-term employment.

For those older people who are healthy and seek an active lifestyle or avoid becoming sedentary, the opposite is true. Manual labour could be an option. Not all manual jobs are suitable for older people, as speed, strength, and endurance are what employers look for. Jobs stocking groceries or in maintenance are examples of manual employment with moderate to little day-to-day physical toll.

Going back to school and taking new skills should also be considered. Age should not be a factor in learning. There are many short-term courses for which older people may be well suited. Jobs in daycare, the restaurant industry, or driving are all areas older people of both genders should explore. These jobs typically take little to no training.


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