How to Take Authority of Your Job Search, Career and Life by M.Yate
How to Take Authority of Your Job Search, Career and Life by M.Yate

Martin Yate’s latest book on “Secrets and Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World” is a definitive handbook on how to thrive at ANY stage of a career.

How to Take Authority of Your Job Search ?

A job is what you take to pay the bills; a career is what YOU do with all those jobs in your life. Martin Yate makes it clear in Knock them Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World that control is in the hands of the readers. Mr Yate understands the need for change and the fear accompanying that change.

All the Tools for a Successful Career Path in this Guidebook

Knock them Dead is a comprehensive guide on how to find work. It’s chock-full of insider tips from those working in the hiring industry from every angle. And it provides a comprehensive step-by-step approach to learning how to manage a personal career. While viewing yourself/your career path as a manageable entity is not a new concept, the research and guidelines provided in this handbook put all the tools to accomplish that task in this book.

With a panel of 42 experts, this guide comes to life with sage advice for taking control and getting ahead in life. Note, though; many will NOT like the direction. Being told to stop vegging in front of a TV and invest in improving yourself will not sit well with those who expect an effortless, magical solution. “You can’t afford to go to bed as stupid as you woke up. If you don’t acquire something new every day… will become worthless (worthless)”1

In-depth How-To for Resumes, Interviews, Lifetime Career Management

The early chapters deal with the mechanics of job hunting: resumes; networking; proper use of job sites/headhunters – which also has a great short section on direct research! What’s best is the summary, the essential business document for any worker, is broken down into comprehensive sections with the why of each section and how to create that section. So many readers have difficulty in understanding and evaluating their transferrable skills, let alone assess professional skills. Yet, in today’s marketplace, with the fierce competition for any job, this section is a must to get the resume/cover letter noticed.

This One Book is a Definitive Source for Career – Tools in a Box

The later chapters tackle interview questions, job negotiations, and lifetime career management. It’s the last chapter on management where Mr Yate puts it all together while admonishing the reader not to skip the other stages/chapters.

Knock them Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World is the one book you’ll need to manage your career for life. Keep it handy for re-reading and personal insights; it’s a handy toolbox for all sections of your career.


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