Job Options for History Majors
Job Options for History Majors

Wondering what to do with a history degree? Learn about the different career options available to history majors

Throughout their studies, history majors will learn to effectively research, analyze, problem-solve, formulate ideas and write. These unique skills can lead to several rewarding career paths.


Some former U.S. presidents, senators and diplomats were once history majors. In the study of history and historiography and the mastery of a historian’s skills, students learn to research and formulate positions, arguments, and policies and learn about governments’ inner workings and previous governments’ past successes and failures. It makes history majors uniquely qualified for government service.

History majors can find opportunities in federal service like the Foreign Service, Civil Service or in working at the State Department or other national departments, or else in local or national politics as a candidate or on a politician’s staff.


History majors learn to write effectively and persuasively and hone their writing, editing and polishing skills through the constant writing of essays and research papers. This extended practise makes history majors uniquely qualified for a writing job or career. Some of the options include a career as a journalist, speechwriter, technical writer, copywriter or freelance writer.


History majors must learn how to regularly come up with ideas, find and document sources, analyze information and present their findings. Both public and private organizations need people with excellent research and analytical skills. Research-based job opportunities for history majors include becoming a researcher at a museum, news organization, think tank, marketing company or publishing house, analyst, planner or researcher in local, state or federal government.


History majors learn to plan, analyze, write and present their findings–all of which are essential assets in the world of business. As a result, history majors may find opportunities in business management, administration, marketing and analysis as an account manager, marketing specialist, stock analyst, corporate planner, communications manager, market researcher or resources manager.


History majors gain knowledge of other countries, cultures and societies and learn to plan well and adequately allocate resources. It uniquely equips them to become an educator. History majors will find opportunities in education at schools as a primary school teacher, secondary school teacher or university professor, or at museums and historic sites as an education director, docent or public historian.

Different Options

While history is considered a liberal arts field, earning a degree in history allows you to choose from many different jobs and career opportunities.



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