Practical Ways to Gain Career-Related Experience
Practical Ways to Gain Career-Related Experience

Gaining the skills for your dream job can be daunting, but there are ways to prepare. This article offers practical ways to prepare.

Experience and skills are important sections on everyone’s resume. What do you do if you don’t have the career-related experience or skills you need for your first job, next career, or dream job? How do you fill in the gaps?

First, decide where your career-related experience and skills you lack. Are you interested in a career in education but lack classroom teaching experience? Are you looking for a career in communications but lack publications? Once you know what career-related expertise or skills you need, you can take the steps below to work toward your next career.


Volunteering is a great plan to gain experience in areas you’re not familiar with. Organizations such as the American Red Cross and local food pantries are always looking for volunteers volunteering to write or edit an organization’s newsletter. It can be a great resume-building experience.

If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities, a volunteer match can be a good resource.

In addition to volunteering for a specific organization, you can volunteer your time to speak at schools or lead community education courses (contact your local school district or library). You can add to your experience as an educator and public speaking.

Community Classes

Taking community education courses may also be a benefit. Community courses are an excellent way to gain computer experience and other technical skills at a low cost. The sessions may or may not be free, but a well-led community course can build your confidence and resume.

Contact your local school district or library for information.

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations are another excellent way to build experience. Professional organizations bring people with industry experience together. However, newbies are generally welcomed at meetings. Meetings can be a wonderful place to learn about industry trends and development opportunities. You will be surprised how many professional development opportunities a professional organization can expose you to.

Keep in mind the more active the organization, the more you will get out of it. This method of gaining experience does have a financial cost, so be sure to ask questions regarding the activities the group has planned for the year. The more they have planned, the more opportunities you will be exposed to.

Seek the internet using keywords concerned with your industry of interest and the words professional association or professional organization. If you are interested in studying more about human resources, type human resources professional organization. Your search should yield results related to professional organizations.

Gaining the experience and skills to be successful in your future career can be daunting. There are ways to prepare outside of your current workplace. Figure out what career experience and skills you need and use the methods above to take a step toward your future.


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