Sports Courses After High School
Sports Courses After High School

Many teenagers go through the stress of deciding what path to choose in their educational careers when they abandon high school at 16 years of age. No need!

Not long ago now (three years to be precise!) I had to make the decision myself. Do I want to do this for another two years? Should I go straight into employment? There is no proper or wrong answer; it’s making the choice that would be most beneficial to you.

2 key factors

We all have different personalities, which are what makes us all unique in our ways. Concerning a sporting environment, youngsters have many opportunities to gain experience in other parts of the industry. There are two main factors in choosing the next chapter of your life: 1) what do you enjoy doing? 2) Do you excel better in environments you enjoy?


Enjoyment and having the ability to perform at your best in aspects of the sport is what you should base your decision on. Depending on which route you take (which I will discuss), you can maximise the areas you develop your understanding in.

College/6th form

College/6th form is a popular choice among many because of the numerous opportunities these colleges have to offer. It would help if you considered a lot of areas when looking at different colleges:

  1. Do they offer the courses you would be interested in?
  2. What are their facilities like for your particular sport?
  3. Do they provide further courses after you’ve completed the first course?
  4. Is it easy to get to?

As mentioned, they offer a wide range of courses with different qualifications for each one. Ranging from the intellectual journalists (!), PE teaching, coaching, instructing, professional sportsman and physiotherapy. These courses can run from 1-3 years and require a lot of commitment and dedication to the cause. These A-Level qualifications could be an integral part of your CV to lie back on, and a lot of employers will look past GCSE examination results (high school results) and look for what you have achieved since then. It’s a much more brutal world, and you need to be a lot more mentally strong as it does require self-motivation, and you need to work hard for yourself to achieve the goals needed.


Essentially going straight from high school to employment straight off is skipping a few steps from what is a legal regime of today’s teenagers. However, you can still achieve what you want in your career from high school results, but it’s rare nowadays as the requirements and standards set for employees are higher than ever.

I would strongly recommend trying to gain more qualifications before testing your luck in the working industry of sport. Most companies prioritise their workers to be suitably qualified to work in that particular environment.

Volunteer work

Linked from employment, volunteer work for different people can go a long way in getting your name out in a particular segment of your designated area. For example, if you’re interested in becoming a football coach, offering volunteer work for your local Sunday side will look very good on your CV.

Showing that you’re willing to offer your services free of charge shows that you are a willing worker and are prepared to sacrifice some of your time to help others, which some companies will see as a huge asset.


It is vitally important you take your results from your examinations from high school into account because many courses nowadays require specific grades. A lot of sports courses at college will require a certain amount of A*-C grade levels. If you were fortunate enough to obtain them, you would have no problems getting into the course. However, if you failed to meet the demand of particular colleges, they may not accept your application, so you need to be aware of what some courses demand.

Do not fear. Career change is here!

Essentially, don’t panic! Panic leads to stress, and stress won’t positively influence your decision, that’s for sure! Just be patient with your decision and take time to discuss it with family and friends. The final decision is yours and shouldn’t be influenced by anyone around you. It’s your future and your career, so go out and enjoy it, doing what you do best!


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